Hi, I'm Stuart, father of two pupils at Pentrepoeth

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Hi, I'm Stuart, father of two pupils at Pentrepoeth Empty Hi, I'm Stuart, father of two pupils at Pentrepoeth

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My name is Stuart and I have two children attending Pentrepoeth Primary, in years 1 and 4. I'm a self-employed publisher and a voracious reader of non-fiction, mostly politics and history (I always have a book on me!).

I'm satisfied with almost all aspects of the school and of my children's education so far. I am very impressed with the standards of reading my children have achieved, and I am pleased that they both enjoy books. Although my partner and I have always encouraged reading, I feel that the teachers at Pentrepoeth Primary deserve a huge slice of the credit. I do feel there is room for improvement, however, especially in the provision for physical education.

I started this forum because there is as not much encouragement from the school for parents to contribute to decisions, or to discuss areas of concern, as I would like. From the parents' side, there doesn't appear to be the will or the platform to voice our opinions effectively. I also do not feel that the Board of Governors facilitates any of this.

Everything I post here are my personal views and do not represent the views of the Board of Governors.


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